Wife admits she tried to poison her veterinarian husband with his own stash of animal drugs


What an animal!
A Wisconsin woman is facing more than a decade behind bars after admitting that she tried to poison her veterinarian husband with his own supply of animal euthanasia drugs, according to reports.
Amanda Alicia Chapin, 51, pleaded no contest Friday to reckless endangerment charges for stealing the potent drugs from her husband and stirring them into his morning coffee, Fox News reported.
Chapin met 71-year-old Gary Chapin online and the two married in March 2022.
His new wife quickly coaxed him into adding her name on the deed of his house and forging his son’s signature to get power of attorney.
Amanda Alicia Chapman, 51, admitted that she tried to poison her husband, a Wisconsin veterinarian 20 years her senior, with his own animal euthanasia drugs. AP
Just two weeks after her name was on the deed, she started adding the stolen barbiturates into his java — and waited three hours to call 911 after the final dose in August 2022, the outlet reported.
After three doses Gary Chapin fell into a coma and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered the potentially lethal drugs in his system — and cops began to piece the case together.
Gary Chapin woke up four days later and quickly filed for divorce while his son got a restraining order to keep his wicked stepmom away from his ailing dad, the outlet said.
Gary Chapin, 71, met his wife, 51-year-old Amanda Alicia Chapin online and the two married in March 2022. She then tried to poison him with his own stock of animal euthanasia drugs.
Amanda Chapin violated the order in September of that year, when she emailed her estranged husband a suicide note in a desperate attempt to get him back.
“The only thing I am guilty of is loving you SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH,” the note said.
It didn’t work, and she was charged with attempted murder in the case, which was later reduced to first-degree reckless endangerment in the felony plea deal hashed out in court on Friday.
Amanda Chapin faces up to 12.5 years when she is sentenced on July 15, according to Law and Crime.



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