SC Aquarium bringing educational opportunities to learners across the state


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – The South Carolina Aquarium has thousands of animals for visitors to come and see, but not everyone knows that some of these animals travel all across the state to provide wildlife education to people of all different ages.
The SC Aquarium Education Outreach Programs bring STEM curriculum-based education programs to classrooms, libraries and events all across the Palmetto State. Last year, they were able to serve 12,888 individuals in South Carolina.
The programs they offer are not just for students and children. They offer something for people of all ages, ranging from preschool to retirement age.
Participants in the education outreach program get to have hands-on interactions with animals like sea stars, urchins, hermit crabs, snakes and turtles, all as a part of a science lesson. Their goal is to bring this education beyond the walls of the aquarium.
Jaime Thom is the Senior Manager of School Programs for the SC Aquarium. She shared the impact that they hope to have through these education outreach programs.
“We would love for students and for everyone who participates in our programs to have a love of the environment and our ecosystems all over the world and hopefully maybe come back and see us here at the South Carolina Aquarium,” Thom said.
Thom said that they are completely booked up for their education outreach programs throughout the summer and even have a few days where there are two programs scheduled in one day.
She said that they are excited to continue to spread the education of wildlife and water across the state, and they just received a gift that will make doing so even easier.
In honor of June being World Ocean Month, Mercedes-Benz Vans of Charleston gifted the aquarium an eSprinter van to allow them to travel far distances with these animals in comfort and ease as a part of these education outreach programs.
Thom said that it means the world to her to be a part of providing this education to people across the state and sharing their love for local wildlife and water.
“I love it. I’ve been here a long time. Every day is different. Everything I do is a little bit different, but I can one day be teaching preschool and the next day we’ll be working with the sixth graders and maybe the next day working with high schoolers. So, just the variety of students that I get to interact with and people that I get to interact with is my favorite part,” she said.
She said they will have openings beginning in Aug. for anyone who may be interested. More information and a link to fill out an inquiry can be found on the aquarium’s website.
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