Moment Moose and Cat Enjoy Each Other’s Company Delights Internet


An unlikely friendship formed in the Alaskan wilderness has taken the internet by storm, leaving viewers speechless.
It’s not every day you see people getting up close and personal with wild animals. In fact, the U.S. National Park Service advises people to stand at least 25 yards from wildlife and 100 yards from larger animals, since they are unpredictable and dangerous.
However, Instagram user @akshiloh has developed a special relationship with moose living near his Alaskan home that has been highlighted on the Instagram account. While all the videos he posted feature the incredible shared moments with these giant animals, one stood out to viewers.
Completely unafraid, Dan and his cat Plumps sat in the snow next to Tonka the wild moose in an April 21 video. Plumps plopped down on Dan’s lap, contently watching as Tonka snacked.
The picture-perfect moment is almost too hard to believe, but this isn’t the first time the cat has interacted with the wild, free-roaming moose that come to visit. Plumps is completely fearless, greeting them with nose boops and a relaxed posture.
While it looks like he easily befriended these animals, he advised in the video’s caption:


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