‘Fishty Fifty’ draw, other prizes in B.C. Wildlife Federation’s 2024 Conservation Lottery


Surrey-based BCWF aims to sell 435,000 lottery and 50/50 tickets this spring and summer
Surrey-based B.C. Wildlife Federation has launched another lottery and “Fishty Fifty” draw to help with habitat restoration, outdoor education and advocacy for better wildlife-management policies in the province.
The Conservation Lottery’s grand prize is a Gelex G5 Boat and Rapala Fishing package worth $62,000, with Apex Pro E-Bike and tent/generator packages also up for grabs. Prize raffle tickets start at $10 each on bcwflottery.com, rising to 30 tickets for $100.
The early-bird draw for a fishing package is June 28, and the 50/50 and other prizes will be drawn Aug. 15. There are 217,500 tickets available for the prize raffle and another 217,500 tickets for the “Fishty Fifty” draw, the jackpot for which is now over $52,000 (winner takes half).
The B.C. Wildlife Federation is a province-wide, member-driven charitable organization with more than 43,000 members and 100-plus member clubs.
Conservation Lottery proceeds support wilderness camps and archery classes for kids, scientific research, stewardship workshops on streams and other BCWF-backed programs.
Of note, the BCWF’s “10,000 Wetlands” initiative is one multi-year effort to create thousands of wetland ecosystems in B.C. using beaver dams.
“We use beaver-based restoration to keep water on the landscape to create habitat and mitigate wildfire and flood risk,” said Jennifer Rogers, beaver restoration assessment lead. “With First Nations and conservation partners, we will build more than 100 ‘Beaver Dam Analogues’ that support native plant and animal species, contribute to fire and flood resiliency, and promote healthy watersheds across the province.”
BC Wildlife Federation offices are at #101-9706 188 St., Surrey.



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