Alligator in Lubbock prompts online frenzy. Animal service explains exotic pet laws


A pet alligator, nicknamed Alice by netizens, was found in Lubbock on Monday, which sent social media into a frenzy with people concerned about the animal’s safety and future – and wondering why there was an alligator in Lubbock.
Lubbock Animal Service Director Steve Greene said LAS received a citizen tip on Monday about an exotic animal on someone’s property. LAS went to investigate where they found the alligator and confiscated it due to city ordinances on exotic pet ownership.
Taking to Facebook, LAS took the opportunity to remind citizens of responsible pet ownership and posted a photo of the tiny alligator. However, Lubbockites took to the post and began using #FreeAlice to show their concern for the animal.
The original post from LAS has more than 200 comments, with many asking what could happen to Alice the Alligator.
How is Lubbock Animal Services taking care of Alice the Alligator?
Greene said he wants to assure people that the alligator is being cared for.


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