Zoo Day at the Capitol: Photos of Wookiee the Sloth and Friends


click to enlarge Wookiee the Linne’s two-toed sloth lounging at the Capitol on March 1. Katrina Leibee
click to enlarge It took months of training to get Wookiee ready to interact with the public in a setting like the Capitol. Now that he has been trained, he’s an Ambassador Animal, ready to make appearances like this. Katrina Leibee
click to enlarge Wookiee enjoys some snacks on March 1 at the Colorado Capitol. Katrina Leibee
click to enlarge Casper the barn owl was sleepy at the Capitol this morning. Katrina Leibee
click to enlarge Peter is a twenty-something blue-tongued skink. This species can be found roaming around home gardens in Australia. Katrina Leibee
click to enlarge Eureka the boreal toad is native to Colorado and can be found in the Rocky Mountains. Katrina Leibee
click to enlarge Jasmine the Dumeril’s boa enjoyed meeting legislators this morning. If Jasmine eats a big meal, she can go around six months without eating another. Katrina Leibee
Wookiee, a Linne’s two-toed sloth, and some other Denver Zoo friends made an appearance at the Colorado State Capitol this morning for Zoo Day, the zoo’s annual celebration of its wildlife conservation efforts. Wookiee is five years old and the brother of Wicket, the Linne’s two-toed sloth that was born last January.Many animal friends joined Wookiee this morning to meet state legislators and other Capitol staff, including Casper the barn owl, Jasmine the Dumeril’s boa, Eureka the boreal toad, and Peter the blue-tongued skink.The animals who spent time at the Capitol today are considered



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