Wisconsin animal shelters in need of supplies


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – Amidst the rising demand for their services, animal shelters across the Chippewa Valley, and the nation, are facing a critical shortage in essential supplies.
Many animal shelters in the Chippewa are facing a shortage of needed supplies for their animals
The Chippewa Humane Association’s Adoption Coordinator, Erika Kennedy, said their kennels are full and they need all the resources they can get.
“It’s stuff like food and laundry detergent that we go through every day. And because we’re a nonprofit, it really helps when people can donate that stuff to us.”
Kennedy said all the animals at the shelter deserve to be treated with the upmost care.
“People should care about these dogs because they’ve been here for so long. Some of them have been here since the beginning of the year. And they deserve loving homes just as much as the next animal does.”
Not only are shelters low on dog supplies, but Dunn County Humane Society Manager, Harvey Weidman, said cat supplies are even more scarce.
“We have received over 260 cats and kittens that we are taking care of. We’re feeding them and then trying to find the proper homes, the right fit for them. So right now, we’re running pretty low and we would love any help or support.”
Some supplies are needed more than others, like laundry detergent, towels, bedding, and especially food.
“When we have animals that have found their way to us, either by being surrendered by an owner or found or dropped off, we take full responsibility for them, and that includes all of their needs, both mental, emotional and physical. So things like proper cleaning, keeping everything really sanitary, is just the basic necessities.”
Kennedy said that as the winter rolls around, more animals get surrendered to shelters, which means bringing in more pet supplies is vital.
There are various ways to donate to both shelters, like dropping off donations directly at the shelters, or visiting their Wishlist which anyone can view and buy things off of for the animals.
To visit the Dunn County Humane Society’s Wishlist, or donate other ways, visit their website.
To visit the Chippewa Humane Association’s Wishlist, or to view other donating options, as well, visit their website here.
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