Spice From “L&HH” Blasted For Calling Bambi A “Giraffe” After Erica Mena Scandal


Shortly after the Erica Mena firing from “Love & Hip Hop” for calling Spice a “monkey,” it seems like the zoo isn’t closed just yet. Moreover, Spice herself got some more backlash for calling Bambi a “giraffe” during a recent altercation on the show. As such, fans are now divided: should this be held to the same standards of racism as Mena’s incident or is this just an overblown response? Of course, plenty of people are on either side of the coin, with others arguing that neither insult is appropriate. Regardless, it’s a pretty drama-heavy show, but clearly that backfired in a lot of areas, particularly with the show’s production.
After the Erica Mena outrage, many questioned how networks allow content like this to make it to airwaves in the first place. In fact, some took even more issue with them firing Mena because it was purely a response to fans’ backlash for her comments. Regardless, they waited until after the spectacle to give their verdict, which many saw as exploitative. It’s unclear if this instance with Spice and Bambi will yield similar results, thought assumptions point to “no.”
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Fans Divided Over Spice & Bambi Argument
For one, calling a Black person a “monkey” has different racial and negative connotations than calling someone a “giraffe.’ Neither is derogatory on impact, but many fans believe the attack towards Spice followed a history of questionable behavior and statements from Mena. However, there are some circles in which the term “giraffe” can also be derogatory, particularly to people of African descent. As such, context turns something simply brash and argumentative into something much more sinister. Maybe Spice didn’t mean to do so with her insult, but the parallels and proximity between the cases make it hard to overlook.
Meanwhile, she responded to the Erica Mena situation by dismissing claims that she insulted her son. As she puts it, it was more of a question of parenting than anything else. Still, it’s possible she has more to answer for and explain now, but people can sweep hist under the rug more easily than the example against her. With that in mind, stay logged into HNHH for the latest news and updates on Spice, Bambi, and the Erica Mena situation.
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