Skull And Bones – How To Hunt Sharks, Fish, And Other Animals


From the very beginning of Skull and Bones, you’ll be able to hunt, cook, and eat all of the food you could want. Your primary source of food, at least in the early game, are sharks and fish, both of which are located all across the map. Hunting down these aquatic creatures isn’t too easy, though, as you need to do all of the work yourself.
Outside of just eating their flesh, sharks and fish can also provide some valuable crafting resources, giving you even more reason to take them down. If you want to see how to hunt your dinner with complete precision in Skull and Bones, take a look at the guide below.
Hunting sharks and fish in Skull and Bones
The two most common sea enemies you’ll find while sailing your ship in Skull and Bones are sharks and fish. While sailing back and forth between your first couple of objectives, you’ll likely be attacked by a shark or two, which might seem like big trouble, but it’s not. Sharks are relatively harmless even if they decide to attack your ship.
Fortunately, there’s an easy way to deal with the beasts along with the less menacing fish that hop out of the water. To hunt a shark or fish, all you need to do is press the aim button when sailing your ship. If you’re in the starting raft you get for free, then you’ll aim with a spear, which you have an unlimited amount of in Skull and Bones. If you’re on any other ship, like the one you get in Sainte-Anne, then you’ll shoot your regular cannonballs.
The aim button brings up a crosshair that shows you where you’ll throw a spear/shoot a cannonball. When you’re ready to release the ammunition into the body of a shark or fish, let go of the aim button. To deal more damage with a spear, you can hold the aim button longer.
Prey can become predator in Skull and Bones.
If you aim correctly, then the shark will take significant Hp damage while any fish you hit will die instantly. It takes roughly three spear shots and one or two cannonballs to kill a shark. With spears, you can keep firing away until you hit the beast enough to kill them, but you only have a limited amount of cannonballs. The shark’s HP bar shows how close you are to killing them.
Whenever you kill a shark or fish, blood will appear in the water, letting you know they’re dead. You can sail toward this pool of blood to loot the remains of the creature(s) you just killed. If you kill a shark, you’ll receive Shark Meat and Shark Skin, while fishes give you Fish Meat. You can then take the meat to a Cookery and cook food to give you and your crew extra stamina for a short duration. There are Cookery spots all over Sainte-Anne and any other settlement in Skull and Bones.
Shark: It’s what’s for dinner.
Hunting other animals in Skull and Bones
There are some other creatures that you’ll see in the water along your travels in Skull and Bones. One of the more prevalent ones is a crocodile, which drops Crocodile Meat, Crocodile Skin, and Crocodile Teeth when killed. Crocodiles are found near the shorelines across the map and they’re slightly easier to kill than sharks, as they can’t move as quickly.
If you need food, I recommend taking your ship and sailing around the low-level areas of Skull and Bones. While sailing, take out your spyglass and look at the shorelines for any aquatic enemies that might be sticking their bodies out of the water. While you can use your starting raft to save cannonball ammunition, hunting with cannons is a far safer option, as your bigger ships have much more HP.


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