Russia demands Norway pay up to $4.4M after 42 reindeer cross border


Russia has demanded that Norway fork over up to $4.4 million in repairs because dozens of reindeer trotted across the border and munched grass in one of its national parks, officials said Thursday.
At least 42 of the arctic animals hoofed it through a dilapidated fence and onto the Russia’s side of the frosty Pasvik Nature Reserve, the Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture said in a statement.
Russian officials quickly sent its neighbor a projected bill for the damage — with estimates ranging from $4,700 to a staggering $4.4 million, the Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture told Insider Thursday.
The range was based on the number of days the reindeer potentially spent grazing on Russian land.
At least 40 of the 42 of the border-crossing critters were recently returned to Norway and slaughtered for fear they would cross into Russia again, the official told the outlet. The other two may be returned soon.
Russia wants up to $4.4 million in repairs because reindeer crossed its border and grazed in grassland. Alexander Ryumin/TASS/Sipa USA
Norway also warned its residents, some whom herd reindeer in the northern area, to keep animals from crossing the border as its relationship with Russia remained strained.
“It is strictly forbidden to cross the border into Russia, for reindeer too,” the Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture said in a statement last week, according to an AFP translation.
Norway is also working to repair a 4.3-mile section of the reindeer fence, which is expected to be done by Oct.1.
The animals crossed into the Russian side of the Pasvik Nature Reserve. Getty Images
At least 42 reindeer crossed the border, officials said. CEN
Earlier this month, Russia added Norway to its list of “unfriendly countries” for allegedly targeting Russian diplomats abroad — worsening its relations with the West amid the war in Ukraine.
Russia’s natural resources and environment ministry did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.


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