Robin’s Pet Dragon Just Took on New Meaning in DC Lore


Summary Damian’s traumatic past with a murdered bat explains his decision to adopt Goliath, a dragon bat, as his pet.
Damian’s desire to have a pet that could defend itself stemmed from the fear of losing another animal to harm.
Despite the negative influence of the League of Assassins, Damian’s love for animals remained strong, leading him to choose a pet that could protect itself.
Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman and Robin #2!A revelation from Robin’s rough beginning shines a new light on his fan-favorite pet. An unfortunate loss in Damian Wayne’s past rationalizes the Boy Wonder’s eventual decision to adopt Goliath, his massive and capable dragon bat. Fans curious why Robin chose such an unconventional companion will understand after seeing one tragedy through Damian’s eyes.
If there’s one thing fans know about Batman’s son Damian, it’s that he’s a huge animal lover. There’s never been an animal that’s crossed Robin’s path that he’s never had a soft spot for. Whether it’s his trusty canine Titus, his adorable cat Alfred, or his rescued bovine Bat-Cow, Damian has a huge heart for animals.
But the most impressive pet in his menagerie is the dragon bat, Goliath. The young Robin came across Goliath in his infancy when the Heir to the Demon was plundering from a tomb of Bialyan kings. Desiring the animal, Damian took Goliath home and trained him to be a loyal and friendly assistant that Damian rode during some of his more dangerous missions.
A Murdered Bat Inspired Robin to Have a Pet That Could Defend Itself
In Batman and Robin #2 by Joshua Williamson and Simone De Mio, a flashback shows Damian Wayne when he was still living with his mother and the League of Assassins. A new tutor named Mistress Harsh gives the boy a bat, which he takes a liking to, calling it cute. Harsh almost immediately decapitates it, sending Damian into a fury asking why she would do something like that. She reminds Damian to not get attached to things because emotions will hamper his natural abilities. Damian sheds a tear for the bat as Harsh demands he tone down his feelings.
Damian Wayne went through a lot of traumatic things during his upbringing, but this particular incident adds a new layer to his past with Goliath. Goliath is the first pet that Robin was allowed to keep. Goliath may have only been a baby when Damian found him, but the boy saw how fearsome and strong the dragon bats were when they were fully grown. Robin wanted a pet that couldn’t be killed as easily as the bat that was murdered by Mistress Harsh. Damian wanted to be absolutely certain that his pet could protect itself in case Mistress Harsh was right and Damian’s emotions impaired his ability to protect it.
Robin Never Wants to Fail an Animal Again
Batman’s son grew up with a warped view of the world and learned a lot of wrong lessons from the League of Assassins. Rather than encourage Damian’s fondness for animals, his teachers attempted to stamp it out. But Damian’s caring nature wasn’t so easily squashed. When he finally got the chance for his own pet, he wanted to make sure nothing would happen to it. Robin knew that Goliath would be able to handle himself from threats like Mistress Harsh and that the fuzzy leviathan wouldn’t end up like the bat Harsh killed. Batman and Robin #2 is on sale now.


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