Powerwash Simulator adds truly next-gen see-through glass, and yes, it’s a big deal


Powerwash Simulator’s next update adds see-through glass to the game, which is actually a pretty big deal.
As revealed on Twitter, Powerwash Simulator’s Tomb Raider DLC will add a “revolutionary new game mechanic” to the soothing sim. Whilst power washing Lara Croft’s messy manor, players can now clear dirt off of glass surfaces and see through it to the contents on the other side of it.
This doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but prior to the update, things like car windows were greyed out and didn’t have a shiny reflective surface. Now, as demonstrated in the clip embedded below, players can clean things like glass cabinets and actually see the treasures inside of them.
Behold, our revolutionary new game mechanic! Glass, that, and now this is the big one, has the property of being able to see through it #NEXTGEN! 💦 pic.twitter.com/JDYoy9aAEiJanuary 25, 2023 See more
This has opened the door for things like aquariums to be added to the game in the future, something that developer FuturLab confirmed in the replies (opens in new tab) to the tweet. It also just makes playing Powerwash Simulator all the more satisfying.
In other Powerwash Simulator news, it was recently announced that the relaxing cleaning simulator will release on PS4, PS5 , and Nintendo Switch on January 31 – the same day as the aforementioned Tomb Raider expansion. Previously, the same was exclusive to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X /S, and was available through Xbox Game Pass.
Late last year, FuturLab asked fans what new levels they’d like to see in Powerwash Simulator and a lot of ludicrous suggestions were made. Everything from a doll’s house to Elon Musk’s “space car” and even Mount Rushmore was suggested, so we’ll have to stay tuned for future updates to see whether the developer actually went for any of these ideas.


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