Pepin County man sentenced for mistreating animals

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PEPIN COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) – A Pepin County man is sentenced for mistreating animals.
Court records show a plea agreement was reached in the case of Bradley Richardson of Arkansaw, Wis.
Feb. 6, 2024, court records show Richardson was ordered to pay $1,083 for operating a shelter without a license. All the other charges for mistreating animals and such will be dismissed after four years if he pays the fine and follows the terms of the sentence.
A criminal complaint shows Richardson initially faced nine charges, including four counts of mistreating animals-negligent violation, four counts of negligently provide improper animal shelter sanitation standards, and one count of fail to provide proper food and drink to confined animals.
According to information in the criminal complaint, on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, authorities searched Richardson’s home in conjunction with the ASPCA. 87 dogs were removed from the property, and six equines were examined on scene by veterinarians and left at the home with stipulations of a continued care plan.
Eventually all dogs except for two were surrendered.
The criminal complaints states several medications, vaccinations and medical animal care products were removed from the property as evidence and for destruction, several of which were beyond their expiration date. Each dog removed from the property received an examination by veterinarians and received several vaccinations. All dogs were taken to an ASPCA rehabilitation and care center in Ohio. Several ledgers and documents documenting dog breeding births, selling, and buying dogs from auctions were also taken or documented as evidence.
According to information in the criminal complaint, several kennels had feces and urine. Additionally, some did not have food, water, or bedding. Several of the dogs were unclean, and some needed medical attention.
There were litters of puppies at the property and other dogs that were pregnant and expecting, the criminal complaint says.
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