NYPD Animal Cruelty Squad celebrates 10 years of defending defenseless animals


The NYPD’s animal cruelty investigation squad marked its 10th anniversary Tuesday, bringing along the ASPCA and two dogs the squad helped to join in the celebration.
Those celebrating their new leash on life were a French bulldog named Dozer — because her new adoptive mom thinks he’s a bit of a bulldozer when running around the house — and a Yorkie named Theo.
Both animals were rescued through the partnership between the NYPD animal cruelty investigation squad and the ASPCA.
In each case, the squad caught wind that the dogs were being abused by their owners. In Dozer’s case, the NYPD received repeated calls that the pooch was being beaten in a Bronx building elevator. Theo was caught on video being abused, the department said.
Over the past 10 years, the squad, which is composed of a lieutenant, sergeant and eight investigators, has saved 5,000 animals from being abused.
Assisting them are more than 28,000 rank-and-file cops who have been coached on how to keep an eye out for abused animals while on patrol.
Once abuse is suspected, the squad works with the ASPCA to remove the animal from the abuser, treat it and find the animal a new home, said NYPD First Deputy Commissioner Tania Kinsella.
“Together we have accomplished so much, but there’s still so much work to be done,” Kinsella said outside Police Headquarters on Tuesday. “So here’s to another 10 years united in our mission to create a city where animals are safe and loved.”



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