New Jersey transit selling ‘Ricardo the bull’ stuffed animals


Ricardo the bull’s riding the gravy train.
The New Jersey Transit has decided to profit off the Texas Longhorn who became an internet sensation after he escaped a slaughterhouse and was filmed running through the train tracks in Newark last week.
It announced on Monday that fans of the courageous bull could now pre-order a stuffed animal of Ricardo wearing an NJ Transit bandana.
The doll is selling for $20 on the NJ Transit store’s website, which says a portion of the proceeds will go to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue — which Ricardo now calls home.
“NJ TRANSIT is proud to introduce this adorable plush companion, named after the real-life bull who captured the hearts of New Jerseyans as well as the entire nation’s attention,” the store’s website says.
“Snuggle up with your very own Ricardo, knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes directly to supporting the real-life Ricardo at the animal sanctuary where he has found refuge.”
But some on social media blasted the public utility for making light of the incident amid its shoddy service.
4 The New Jersey Transit announced on Monday it is selling Ricardo the Bull stuffed animals.
Some users even suggested it use some of the profits to “fix your terrible service.”
“Is the other portion of the proceeds going to fund your aging and failing infrastructure?” one Jersey resident asked.
Kevin Corbett also praised “one person” at the utility for doing “good work,” and said NJ Transit should “maybe hire people who can help the system run better?”
Another user replied that the company should “try responding to customer complaints.”
Riders on the Morris & Essex line faced a hellish commute earlier this month when wires were damaged near Mount Tabor and caused disruptions to New Jersey residents’ commutes home during the evening rush hour.
4 Ricardo the Bull managed to escape a slaughterhouse and was filmed running through the train tracks in Newark last week. via REUTERS
4 His escapade caused delays of up to 45 minutes for commuters heading into the Big Apple Thursday morning.
Commuters described a chaotic and confusing commute home with hundreds of people crowded onto platforms for trains that didn’t show or were too jam-packed to take any more passengers.
Several commuters said there were little to no announcements at the stations and were angered by a lack of timely updates on future service impacts.
“Who do I contact to refund the $436 monthly train I just bought?” one person asked the transit agency on X. “Not using NJT anymore because I don’t feel like getting fired from work for being late every single week. Please advise.”
Another complained that they were forced to take an Uber at a higher rate to get home.
“Seriously, [NJ Transit] how are you this bad? At everything,” the Jersey resident tweeted. “I’m tired of having to pay Uber surge prices to get home from Newark because your sh–ty trains always break down.”
4 Ricardo is now living peacefully at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. Skylands Animal Sanctuary And Rescue
It was less than 10 days later that Ricardo’s escapade caused delays of up to 45 minutes for commuters heading into the Big Apple.
Reports of the rodeo star running loose at Newark-Penn Station emerged around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. He remained on the tracks for about an hour before he was captured and taken to an animal sanctuary, police said.
He has since been examined by the sanctuary’s veterinarian and was expected to be back on his hoofs soon, the sanctuary said on Friday.


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