“Magic Man” Brock Purdy Opens Up on Saving a CBS News Anchor & Her Dog From a Coyote


Brock Purdy is way past the day when he was drafted last in the 2022 NFL Draft. The young quarterback from the San Francisco 49ers has led his team into the Super Bowl. Despite missing out on the chance to lift the Lombardi Trophy, the former “Mr. Irrelevant” proved himself to be an irreplaceable part of the franchise.
Now, as a new revelation comes to light, it seems that Purdy is not only a savior on-field but also has his moments away. On a recent appearance on the Pat McAfee show, the 7th-round pick narrated an encounter when he saved a news anchor’s pet dog from being attacked by a coyote! Calling him “Magic Man,” McAfee asked him about his heroic moment.
Purdy recalls how he was shooting a commercial on the outskirts of San Francisco when he saw a coyote just “trotting by.” He noticed its long tail and, for a moment, thought it resembled a “mini wolf”! Nobody else seemed to have noticed the animal nearby, so the young QB took it upon himself to warn the others. “No one was gonna scream, and I was like, ‘Alright.’ And so I screamed and I was like, ‘Yo, there is a coyote,’ and that thing went running off but yeah, it could have been an ugly day on the shoot, but saved it,” explained Purdy
Purdy didn’t realize that the person he saved by yelling was a news anchor until she walked by him. The anchor was walking her dog nonchalantly when she was alerted about the preying animal lurking nearby by the quarterback’s call.



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