Limited Edition Fujifilm X100VI to be Auctioned to Raise Funds to Protect the Environment


The Conservation Alliance (TCA) announced that it will auction off a Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition camera, provided by Fujifilm, in order to raise funds to protect and expand North America’s wild and outdoor spaces.
The camera, which even the standard edition version has proven incredibly difficult to obtain, will be auctioned off online from April 10 through April 24, 2024 and will be accompanied by camera accessories and a backpack from Peak Design — speciically, it’s a Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod, an Everyday Backpack 30L, Capture Clip, and Slide Lite — and a 30-year Pro account to Flickr and Smugmug.
“We could not be more grateful to Fujifilm for their generous contribution to help us raise funds at this critically important time for conservation,” said Shoren Brown, Vice President of Public Affairs at The Conservation Alliance.
“We are incredibly proud to have Fujifilm as a member. Our new partnership helps protect the outdoor spaces that many outdoor photographers count on.”
Fujifilm announced the Limited Edition version of the X100VI in Japan during its Fujikina launch event in February. While it is actively making as many standard X100VI cameras as it can — it has said it can only produce 15,000 per month — the Limited Edition version was limited to 1,934 units to pay homage to Fujifilm’s founding in 1934.
All X100VI Limited Edition cameras, including the one being auctioned by TCA, are packaged in a special box that includes a strap, soft release button, and history cards. Perhaps more sought after is the special engraving on the camerea body itself: it features the corporate brand logo from Fujifilm’s founding along with a unique serial number. Neither Fujifilm nor TCS stated which number the camera being auctioned will feature.
At present, the only sure-fire way to obtain a Limited Edition X100VI would be to pay over the original asking price on the secondhand market. In this case, at least buyers who will be paying more than the MSRP will know their money is going to a good cause. Fujifilm offered just 300 for sale for a limited time last month, but there were cases of “suspicious orders” and many that were sold immediately ended up on eBay.
Participants can bid online by visiting the auction website. The proceeds will be utilized by TCA to advance the organization’s goal to protect and expand public lands in North America through policy and grantmaking.


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