Keke Palmer & Baby Leodis Look Safe In New Photos, Darius Jackson Got “A Lot Of Chances” Before Legal Action


After Darius Jackson lashed out at Keke Palmer for attending Usher’s Las Vegas residency in a sexy Givenchy dress, it became evident that trouble was afoot in their relationship. The pair welcomed their first child together, Leodis Adrellton Jackson, in early 2023, and have spent the time since navigating life as new parents. It’s obviously not an easy journey for anyone, but from Palmer’s social media posts, she made it seem as though her boyfriend made for an excellent co-parent and support system.
Unfortunately, we now know that mental and physical abuse was taking place between Leodis’ parents. According to PEOPLE, a close source made it clear that Palmer gave her man “a lot of chances” before deciding to file for a restraining order this past week. “[Keke] did what she had to do,” they told the outlet. “She gave him a lot of chances to do the right thing. Keke tried so hard to have an amicable split and arrangement [custody].”
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Keke Palmer was Patient with Darius Jackson Before Filing for a Restraining Order, Sources Say
The Chicago native has since been granted sole custody of her son, after filing documents alleging Jackson of several forms of disturbing behaviour. According to Palmer, he previously spoke about empathizing with animals who eat their young, and once practically played tug of war with her over Leodis during an angry attempt to change the months-old baby’s diaper. The details surfacing so far are chilling, but still, Darius seems confident that he’ll be seeing his little boy again before long.
The year is definitely off to a tumultuous end for Keke Palmer and her fractured family, but on the bright side, at least she and Leodis got to enjoy their first Halloween together before all hell broke loose with Darius Jackson. Check out their adorable mother-son costumes at the link below, and click the Via at the bottom of the page to see DailyMail’s new images of the actress and her firstborn.
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