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One Of The Hardest Parts Of Filming The Mist Was The Mist Itself [Exclusive]

Interestingly enough, the crew had to get the stage to a completely “freezing” temperature in order to control the mist in a way that would give them free reign to shoot how they needed, according to producer Denise M. Huth:
“It had to do with the temperature of the room and the temperature of the mist, and that’s how they could manipulate it like that. That’s one of those things that you can do practically and make it look amazing. […] I think that it was augmented a little bit when we were outside. When we were filming in the grocery store, basically half of the stage was the store and the other half was the parking lot. And the parking lot side of it, anytime we rolled was completely filled up with mist if we were shooting out those windows. And that was just part of the set.”
It’s an incredible power, to be able to wield such an unwieldable force and have it do your bidding. That said, Rohn Schmidt explained that making that practical control of the mist itself work on camera had everything to do with “the final finish, the final color correction, coloring of the show” as well as how it was originally lit during principal photography:



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