Huge 3ft lizard found on Channel island is so big it is being kept in a kennel


A large lizard rescued by the GSPCA in Castel, Guernsey is believed to be a Tegu lizard. (SWNS) (GSPCA / SWNS)
Animal rescue experts were left stunned after they were called to retrieve a huge tropical lizard found wandering around on one of the Channel islands.
The 3ft creature, which is believed to be a Tegu lizard, is so big it is currently being kept in a kennel while its rescuers look for a permanent home for it.
The lizard was found in Castel, on the north-west side of Guernsey on Friday (11 Aug).
Geoff George and Neil Hughes, from the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA), were called to the area after someone spotted the lizard but said they were surprised to find the huge animal.
The lizard is so big it is currently being kept in a kennel rather than a vivarium. (SWNS)
Tegu lizards are native to the rainforests in South America and can grow up to 4.5ft long.
They are not normally dangerous to humans and tend to survive on a diet of insects, fruits, and seeds, along with the eggs of other animals.
George and Hughes said they managed to capture the animal and are now keeping it in a kennel as it’s too large for the vivarium they usually house smaller reptiles in.
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Hughes said: “When we are called out to lizards, they are often Bearded Dragons or sometimes tiny lizards found in suitcases from holidaymakers returning home.
“When I attended the scene in Castel, I was faced with the largest lizard rescue I have been called out, which was a real surprise.
“Geoff managed to restrain the extremely large lizard, which we have now safely transported to the GSPCA.”
At nearly 3ft long, the lizard is the largest reptile in the GSPCA’s care. (SWNS)
GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne said they are now looking for a permanent home for the animal after it became the largest reptile at their sanctuary.
He said: “We are currently trying to find the owner of the extremely large lizard and also trying to identify the exact species, which we believe is a tegu.
“It is so big it is currently in a kennel as we don’t [have] a vivarium large enough. Being nearly 3ft long, it is certainly the largest reptile in our care.
“We do have a number of reptiles looking for homes including two snakes, a bearded dragon and others soon to be ready looking for a good home.”


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