How To Breed Animals And Beasts In Hogwarts Legacy


You can breed magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. The Vivarium already acts as a sanctuary for captured and tamed beasts, where you’ll be able to feed and take care of them. Later, though, you can manage these magical creatures so that they also have offspring. Our guide discusses how to breed beasts and animals in Hogwarts Legacy so you can have cute fur-babies running around in various biomes.
How to complete Foal of the Dead to unlock the animal breeding mechanic in Hogwarts Legacy
Before we continue, we advise you to visit our Vivarium and Fantastic Beasts guide, which explains the general mechanics related to this function/activity in the Room of Requirement. Now, to start breeding magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to complete two quests: Plight of a House Elf and Charles Rookwood’s Trial.
Once you’re done with these quests, Deek, the house elf in the Room of Requirement, will give you another task: the Foal of the Dead, which entails doing the following:
Capture a male and female Thestral.
Buy the Breeding Pen Spellcraft from the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade.
You’ll need to look for a male and female Thestral in their den.
Finding a couple of Thestrals
Buying the spellcraft recipe is fairly self-explanatory. As for the Thestrals, you can find a den in the northeastern corner of the world map near San Bakar’s Tower.
The idea is to approach stealthily by casting Disillusionment, then choosing a target and casting Levioso. This is when you should use the Nab-sack to begin the capture minigame. Also, since you need one male and one female Thestral, take note of their sex when you check their info.
One particular Thestral den can be found in the northeastern part of the map.
The Breeding Pen
Return to the Room of Requirement and talk to Deek. A cutscene will play, which will unlock the Swamp biome (just one of four Vivarium biomes in the game). Enter the new world space and release the two Thestrals. Here are some other tidbits:
Build the Breeding Pen by spending 18 Moonstones.
Choose the Thestral as the species.
The Beast breeding process in Hogwarts Legacy takes 30 minutes, so do a quest or grab some food if need be.
When that’s done, you’ll see an offspring. Pet and give it treats.
Return to Deek to complete the quest.
Construct the Breeding Pen and wait for a baby magical creature to be born. It only takes 30 minutes.
This is just one particular example for a specific type of animal. Don’t forget that the same Beast breeding mechanics apply as long as you can find a male and female of the same species.


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