How Much Was Bob Barker’s Net Worth? The Longtime TV Host Left His Fortune To A Chunk Of Charities


Even though Bob Barker died at 99, he is still making a big impact on the world. Plenty of people paid tribute to the late The Price is Right host, making it clear that Barker meant a lot to so many people for many different reasons. Obviously, lots of folks know him as the longtime host of The Price is Right, but he was also well-regarded as an avid animal rights activist. Now, we seem to know his net worth because it’s reportedly being given to numerous charities, carrying on that legacy.
RadarOnline reports that Bob Barker’s $70 million fortune is going to animal charities. A longtime friend said that it “shouldn’t come as a surprise” since his love of animals was “well-known throughout his lifetime.” These generous donations are the latest thing the late host did to support animal rights. Over the years he has donated to multiple universities to support the study of animal rights, he founded the DJ&T Foundation to fund animal rescue and park facilities and help pets get sprayed and neutered, and he donated over $2 million to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals to build a building for PETA in Los Angeles.
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That’s not all Bob Barker has done for animals. He’s participated in several PETA public service announcements and donated $5 million to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society so they could purchase and outfit a ship to interdict Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean. He also ended every episode of The Price is Right, starting in 1982, by reminding viewers to “Help control the pet population” and to have their pets spayed or neutered.
It’s unknown what charities will be getting money, but it seems like no matter what a lot of them will be carrying on a little piece of Bob Barker’s legacy. Considering his love for animals and the fact that he didn’t have kids, it makes perfect sense that he is using his fortune to continue helping animals even after his death. It just shows the kind of person that Barker was, and it’s sweet to see that his legacy will continue on.
Bob Barker’s life was lived to the fullest. Although he retired from The Price is Right in 2006, he still made every moment count. He returned to the series a few times after his retirement, including for the show’s 50th anniversary. The long-time host also returned for an April Fool’s episode, swapping places with Drew Carey. One of his other beloved roles was in Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore, and it was a pretty memorable one.
It’s hard knowing that Bob Barker is no longer with us, but it’s clear that his impact on TV and his love for animals will always live on.


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