FAST FIVE: Animals are LaRain Saige’s people


American Airlines is relaxing part of its pet policy to let owners bring their animal companion and a full-size carry-on bag into the cabin.
Until this week, people who carried a pet into the cabin, which involves paying a $150 fee, could only have one other small item that fit under the seat. Anything bigger, like a carry-on bag with wheels, needed to be checked for a $35 fee. Or they could put the pet in the cargo hold.
Now American is letting passengers bring a pet in the cabin and also bring either a regular carry-on bag or a personal item — just not both bags. The old policy struck some pet owners as unfair, since they were already paying a pet fee. Passengers must still pay a fee, but their pet no longer counts as a carry-on.
An American spokeswoman confirmed that the rules change took effect Thursday. She couldn’t explain the reason because the airline’s corporate offices were closed for Good Friday, and decision-makers were not available.
Gary Leff, a travel blogger who first wrote about the change, recalled traveling years ago with a Yorkshire terrier.


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