Emirates Raises Awareness For Endangered Animals With New Amenity Kits


Summary Emirates has rolled out new amenity kits featuring endangered animals for economy and premium economy passengers on long-haul flights, raising awareness for wildlife conservation.
The kits are made sustainably, with non-toxic ink and reusable bags. Contents of the kits, such as socks and eyeshades, are made from recycled plastic.
Emirates has committed to phase in earplugs by the end of this year based on customer requests, and has been actively involved in various sustainability initiatives and anti-trafficking efforts.
For passengers on long-haul flights, a good amenity kit can go a long way to enhancing the onboard experience. At top-end carriers like Emirates, these are also made available to its guests in economy class, with the latest kits highlighting a good cause. Specifically, they are raising awareness for endangered animals.
New kits for two classes
As announced in a statement published by Emirates earlier today, the Dubai-based UAE flag carrier has rolled out its new amenity kits for economy class and premium economy passengers on long-haul flights. As pictured below, the kits’ bags feature prints of eight different endangered species, which draw attention to their critical status in the wild. Touching on the significance of the new kits, Emirates states:
“The new amenity kit range will highlight Emirates’ longstanding partnership with United for Wildlife and commitment to raising awareness about endangered species, and the prevention of illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife products. The animals featured on the kit pouches and bookmarks are some of the most trafficked creatures in the world.”
Photo: Emirates
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The animals in question are green sea turtles, African elephants, blue macaws, gorillas, hammerhead sharks, lions, pangolins, and black rhinos. The designs showcasing these creatures have also been put together sustainably, as they are “printed in non-toxic soy-based ink,” with the bags themselves being reusable.
All for a good cause
Likewise, the contents of the kits have a sustainable angle, with recycled plastic being used in the production of the socks and eyeshades that passengers can find inside. All the while, they are raising awareness of the trafficking that affects endangered wild animals, with United for Wildlife Co-Chair David Fein stating:
“Airlines and other transport operators have a huge role to play in disrupting traffickers’ supply chains. Emirates has consistently demonstrated leadership and commitment in tackling this global threat. We are delighted to see the new amenity kits from Emirates now onboard, and hope that passengers find them informative and inspiring.”
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Photo: Boeing
Emirates also took the opportunity today to announce the return of a crucial component for any airline amenity kit, particularly at a carrier whose bread and butter is long-haul flying. Specifically, it has pledged to phase earplugs back in by the end of this year, citing “popular requests from customers” as the reason.
Emirates is committed to many sustainability initiatives
As admirable as Emirates’ latest partnership is, such deals are something that we have come to expect from the Dubai-based UAE flag carrier in recent times. Indeed, alongside its multi-faceted anti-trafficking efforts as “a member of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce,” it also received an IATA Environmental Assessment certificate and completed an IEnvA Illegal Wildlife Trade module last month.
What do you make of Emirates’ partnership with United for Wildlife? Have you ever got to use one of the carrier’s amenity kits? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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