ECCHA looking to get animals adopted as it runs out of space for new animals coming in


EAU CLAIRE COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) – There is not much room left for new animals at the Eau Claire County Humane Association.
“We’re more than at capacity right now. We have surrenders coming in every day and we barely have any open kennels. So we are looking for lots and lots of adopters,” said Addie Erdman, a marketing specialist with ECCHA.
She said staff and volunteers are doing all they can as the kennels are at capacity for dogs and cats mainly.
This will make surrenders harder in the coming months.
“And we’re currently booking out until January, which means we have surrenders coming in every week. Cats and dogs several times a week. Depending on the animal, we might be able to do some surrenders in December,” said Erdmann.
Not to mention any strays the animal shelter gets. Erdmann expects more strays coming in as winter approaches.
That is why there are a number of initiatives to help make room for more animals looking for their forever home.
So right now, we’re running a special where any animals that have been in the shelter for 50 days or more have their adoption fee waived. Some of the younger residents will still have, you know, spay and neuter and licensing fees,” said Erdmann. “In addition to our 50 day deal that we have going on, all orange variety cats that are a year older are 20% off through the month of October for our pumpkin Spice Kitty special.”
Word had initially spread through a Facebook post.
“Our post was shared almost a thousand times, which is crazy,” said Erdmann.
She hopes more community members come out and meet their new best friends. All the while construction for the animal shelter’s expansion is underway.
” So next summer, we are slated to have our grand opening, hopefully in June-ish, give or take,” said Erdmann.
She said that should allow for more room to even take in animals from other shelters who are also experiencing having a large amount of animals to care for.
One other animal shelter include the Chippewa Humane Association, they tell WEAU they are at capacity as well.
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