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Looking for a podcast to listen to with your pets? Don’t worry, they don’t care what you’re listening to. But this list of shows will help you translate their behavior, figure out what they are thinking, learn about their history with humans and where they fit into our world (or how we fit inside theirs), and remind you to celebrate the joy of having animals in our lives.
Creature Preacher
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Wouldn’t you just love to know what your pet was thinking? On Creature Preacher , renowned animal psychic Nancy Mello sits down with pets and their people to bridge the communication gap between humans and animals. How does a dog really feel about all of his doofy nicknames? Does your bunny like to be pet between the ears? Creature Preacher is not just a podcast, it’s a revelation that our pets have much more to say than we ever imagined.
6 Degrees of Cats
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6 Degrees of Cats isn’t dedicated to our cats, or how to make our cats better cats, or what famous people think about their cats. It’s cultural commentary through the lens of cat history. (And cat science, philosophy, archeology, folklore, anthropology, and more.) It comes straight from the mind of cat worshipper Amanda B., who, with the help of guest experts, explores the origin of cats, the essence of cat people, the overlooked relationship between men and their cats, cat worship throughout the ages, and more.
Walking the Dog
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On Walking the Dog , Emily Dean and her Shih Tzu Raymond let you listen in on their dog walks with comedians, actors, writers, and podcasters in London. It’s great for people who love dogs, as a lot of the chat revolves around them, but these are also simply great conversations to eavesdrop on, with the background ambiance of a wonderful stroll in a park with friendly pups.
The Purrrcast
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After almost ten years (that’s 1,000 years in podcast time) of talking to cat people because they can’t talk to their cats, Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris have decided to end The Purrrcast , the chat show filled with cat interviews, cat news, and the kind of cat anecdotes that only cat owners can truly appreciate. Don’t be sorry it’s over, be happy it happened—if you’re new to the show, you have almost 500 episodes to binge, including interviews with all sorts of cat folk: artists, filmmakers, comedians like Margaret Cho, and podcasters like George Hardstark (My Favorite Murder) and Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop). If you hate ameowzing cat puns, do NOT listen.
Dog Save the People
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Do you think having a dog has made you a better, happier person? Improved your life? Dog Save the People does. Hosted by fashion designer and animal activist John Bartlett, the show features interviews with diverse group of guests who talk about their relationships with their dogs. It will remind you to be amazed by your dog, and cognizant of the positive impact they have on you in all sorts of ways. My favorite bit: It includes short guided dog walk meditations that can help you bond with your dog and the world around you.
Community Cat News
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Community Cat News reports local news from a feline perspective, allowing cats to express their opinions on their homes, humans, neighborhoods, and all their surroundings. Expect reviews of the latest cat mattresses, reports of bug sightings, and suspicious squirrel updates, plus cat poems and a place where call-in cats can vent about their humans. Iit’s for cats, by cats, but perfect for crazy cat people (which is everyone with a cat, pretty much).
Comfort Creatures
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What creatures give you comfort? Your dog? Sloths? Unicorns? It doesn’t matter on Comfort Creature , where hosts Ella McLeod, Alexis B. Preston celebrate anything with paws (or fins, or scales, or tails). They interview friends about their favorite creatures, discuss fictional ones, go back in time to meet pets throughout history, and weigh the pros and cons of pet ownership all over the world. Every episode is 30 minutes of pure comfort and joy.
Sexier Than a Squirrel
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Sexier Than a Squirrel is all about training dogs to master their trickiest behavioral issues. (Sometimes it’s a little bit of human training, too.) Whether you want your dog to stop yanking on the leash, are seeking the balance needed to make your dog a perfect companion, or wondering how their sleep impacts their behavior, this is the show for you. It’s a positive space for anyone in need of a little dog therapy—and lots of the advice is game-based, so it’s a lot of fun to follow.
The Petropolist
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The Petropolist is for pet owners, but it isn’t focused on how cute your puppy is (though it acknowledges that that is probably true). It’s actually about everything surrounding your cute puppy: that is, the larger pet care industrial complex, and the people who support it. It’s a place to glean really good information about pet retail, food and air safety, and grooming products. Listen for information to help keep your pet living, laughing, and loving, or as a resource when you’re thinking about getting your first pet—this is the stuff you have to know.
The Pet Loss Companion
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If you’ve lost a pet, you know cab be devastating, yet we often aren’t really granted the space we need to mourn and heal. (I did not need a day off from work when my grandpa died, but I did need one when my cat did.) The Pet Loss Companion understands this, and shares experiences, recommendations, and reflections that can help listeners with the loss of their animal companions. Hosts Nancy Saxton-Lopez and Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio are are family therapists and authors of the bestselling book The Pet Loss Companion. They talk to pet loss doulas, vets, trainers, and everyday people who discuss the wide variety of ways of grieving and healing after losing a furry friend. There’s advice if you need it. Also just hearing other people’s experiences if you need it.



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