Despite Sharing Love for Exotic Animals, Mike Tyson Expresses His “Hate” Towards Late Michael Jackson’s One Passion


Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson were both iconic figures in their respective fields who managed to reach unprecedented success through their talent and hard work. Moreover, they both enjoyed an extraordinary level of popularity during the late 80s and the early 90s. However, the relationship between the two didn’t start off great. Not only that but ‘the Baddest Man on the Planet’ even hated the musician in the beginning.
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However, everything turned out for the better and the two even became good friends. This leads to the current time when his son Prince Jackson appeared on the boxing legend’s podcast. There the situation turned amusing as Tyson expressed his hatred for one of Jackson’s passions- Llamas.
Mike Tyson hates Llamas unlike the ‘King of Pop’
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Tyson’s love for exotic animals is very well known, especially the story of his own 3 tigers, which still manages to shock people today. The most famous one was “Kenya”, which he got during the 90s at the peak of his career. As Prince Jackson made his guest appearance on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the group discussed how Jackson was always lost in his own world and didn’t even know who Shakira was.
Jackson revealed that the pop icon, “was constantly learning all new different endeavors. He wanted to do film after he was done with music and he was always reading about different either animals.” He added that “He had an extensive book collection on Llamas and exotic animals.” However, the boxing legend stated, “I hate Llamas.”
This led Whoo Kid to remember the story of the time a Llama ended up farting on him. He stated, “One of them like farted on me when I was up there, I was so tired. I didn’t know they fart. I didn’t know animals fart!” Jackson chimed in and stated that he has dogs and they too fart as well. Moreover, during one segment of the podcast, Prince also shared the reason why MJ ‘changed’ his skin color.
However, did you know that the first meeting of Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson did not start off on a good note?
Why did Mike Tyson dislike Michael Jackson in the beginning?
During his appearance on rapper T.I’s expediTIously podcast, Tyson revealed the first time he met the ‘King of Pop’. He talked about the time when he met the artist at one of his concerts in Cleveland. He also added that he was with Don King at the time. The former world champion discussed, how he was the champion at the time which makes the situation that followed even more baffling.
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Tyson revealed that “So Don goes and Don gives Michael Jackson the ‘peace’ sign, like this. And then so Michael gives Don the ‘peace’ sign, and so I give Michael the ‘peace’ sign, and Michael put his hand down.” He also described how Jackson didn’t recognize him when he went backstage. He even asked the boxing legend, “Don’t I know you from somewhere? Where I know you from?”.
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The exchange angered Tyson and he didn’t let go of the grudge for years.
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It wasn’t until he was invited by the pop star to hang out together, did his opinion of Jackson changed for good. However, the question about why Jackson ‘played’ him like that still lingered in his mind. What do you think about Tyson getting snubbed by Jackson? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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