Conservation office urges coyote caution after elderly woman bit in Vancouver


Woman was walking alone at night with her dogs off leash when 4 coyotes approached them
B.C.’s conservation officer service is once again urging people to take precautions to avoid negative coyote encounters after an elderly woman and her off-leash dog were bitten in Vancouver last week.
The service says the woman was walking her two small dogs near Winona Park shortly after midnight on Thursday (April 25). She had just let her dogs off leash when four coyotes appeared.
One of the coyotes grabbed one of the woman’s dogs in its mouth and began shaking it around, the BC Conservation Service said in a social media post Friday (April 26). The woman tried to rescue her dog, but was bitten by the coyote in the process.
Fortunately for her, some other people were in the area and helped to chase the coyotes away.
The conservation service says the woman was treated for minor injuries and that her dog is expected to survive.
The service is asking people to keep their pets leashed and travel in groups. Officers are monitoring coyote activity in the area.
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