Conservation advocates look beyond the Dunes


Men on a boat row past mangrove trees encircling the island of Satjelia in the Sundarbans, India, December 15, 2019. REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis/File Photo
Summary India parliament clears forest conservation law despite concerns
Critics explore possibility of a legal challenge
Activists say up to 28% of forest land could lose legal cover
India says law changed to boost productivity of forests
NEW DELHI, Aug 3 (Reuters) – India’s move to relax regulatory oversight of forest areas by modifying a 1980 law is drawing protests from environmental activists who fear the changes will lead to unchecked commercial activity and infrastructure development in green areas.
The original law was aimed at curbing the degradation of forest land by requiring the federal government’s permission before any non-forest activity is carried out, or before land in those areas is leased to a private entity for any commercial purpose.
India says the new law is a milestone in


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