Cohasset family’s dog attacked by coyote right outside their home


Coyotes often attack small animals like puppies or rabbits, but a 55-pound dog found himself being targeted Saturday night in Cohasset, Massachusetts.
“It was scary,” said Nathaniel Palmer, whose dog Tatum was attacked. “We really took for granted that a dog can enjoy his yard.”
It was not what Nathaniel Palmer and Tatum had in mind to start the new year.
“I think he’s still a little anxious about being out at night,” said Palmer.
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Tatum, a 7-year-old Comfort Retriever, is recovering after he was attacked by a coyote Saturday night.
Tatum usually roams his family’s Cohasset property for a bit in the evening, and then barks at the front door when he’s ready to come in.
“Rather than barking I heard this horrific yelping,” said Palmer. “I flew out the door and saw Tatum and a coyote at least his size.”
Tatum was pinned down.
“He was in a submissive position,” said Palmer. “I yelled, exploded, and the coyote turned, but it didn’t run away immediately when I opened the door.”
Physically, Tatum was not harmed, but he was shaken up, according to Nathaniel.
The family is used to seeing coyotes behind their home, but never expected one of them to follow Tatum right up to the front door and attack a 55-pound dog.
“I feel I was being really naïve,” said Palmer. “I always thought he was too big and they wouldn’t go after him but clearly that’s not true.”


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