Cardinal Dolan blesses the animals for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular


Quite the zoo at Radio City
His Eminence did his annual holiday blessing of the animals.
The four-legged ones on Radio City’s yearly Christmas show.
Our Music Hall is one of a kind. So’s the Cardinal. We’re blessed to have both.
On the street. Right in front. Sixth Avenue. The weather, cold.
Humphrey the camel at 1,800 pounds wasn’t doing any loge seat. Not even shivering. His trainer: “He’s used to the desert which gets cold at night.”
Grazing the ceiling, Humphrey just stood there chewing his cud. Couldn’t really ask him, “So listen, hon, what do you hear from the Sahara?” Trainer: “He’s a little nervous.”
Two sheep to our right. An ass — pardon the expression — to our left.
The Cardinal petted what was pettable, posed for photos, interviewed skimpily dressed Rockettes and blessed all.
Once, looming alongside, another camel (possibly Humphrey’s cousin) ate Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s cap.
Cardinal Dolan dancing with the Rockettes at the ceremony. AP Photo/Peter K. Afriyie
The animals at the Radio City ceremony included a camel, sheep and a donkey. AP Photo/Peter K. Afriyie
Our Eminence’s sister Lisa’s family — all 10 — are coming to visit. It’s Rock Rink, Thanksgiving parade with His Eminence, Radio City’s Christmas show, see Humphrey — and then — praise the Lord — back home to Washington, Mo.
Yuks for a yucky situation
A fly falls into a cup of coffee from former Hungary Ambassador David Cornstein:
The Italian breaks the cup, throws it out, walks off angrily. The German sterilizes the cup, makes fresh coffee. The Frenchman removes the fly, drinks the coffee. The Chinese eats the fly, throws out the coffee. The Russian drinks the coffee with the fly since there was no extra charge. The Israeli sells the coffee to the Frenchman, the fly to the Chinese, the cup to the Italian, then invents a device to prevent flies from falling into the coffee. The Palestinian blames the Israeli for the fly, protests such aggression to the UN, takes a loan from the European Union to buy more coffee, uses the money to buy explosives, then blows up the coffee house where the Italian, Frenchman, Chinese, German and Russian are all trying to tell the Israeli to give his cup of coffee to the Palestinian so there will be peace.
Frock bottom
Thought: Came to me that our government problems might be that Kamala thinks the “border” is the hem on her dress.
Bring to a head
White House Historical Association dinner gala. The Met’s Temple of Dendur. Long gown. Black tie. Temporary First Lady Jill wore a white pantsuit. And split before dinner. Figures the pantsuit had to be returned by 12.
Two actors played the president. Martin Sheen who’d done “West Wing” plus Michael Douglas from the “American President.” Deborah Roberts did the interviews. Mate Al Roker emceed.
Comment on the event? Said a guest: “It felt shorter than Biden’s presidency.”
People need to relax today. Guys, take a soothing bath with hot bubbles. Just be sure Bubbles is dressed and gone before your wife comes home.
Only in New York, kids, only in New York.


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