Can Ticks Jump Or Fall Out Of Trees To Land On People?


I’ve been out on hikes in wooded areas along the North Shore and elsewhere in Minnesota and Wisconsin with people who have posed an interesting question: Can ticks land on you out of a tree?
As I thought about it, my initial thought was that they probably aren’t jumping out of trees on purpose, but maybe they are falling out of trees from time to time. As I thought about it more, I really got intrigued. Especially after reading that ticks can apparently fly short distances, I decided to do some research.
I landed on some information from the folks at Kansas State University, who did some tick mythbusting in a post to their website a few years back.
In their post, they explained that a lot of people believe that ticks can end up landing on people out of trees, but the idea of ticks raining out of trees is more of a bad dream and less in the realm of reality.
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When it comes to the idea of jumping out of trees onto people, they explain that ticks can’t jump or leap.


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