Birds impacted by New Year’s Eve fireworks up to 10 km away


A recent study by an international team of researchers from the University of Amsterdam, utilizing data from weather radars and bird counts, reveals the profound impact of New Year’s Eve fireworks on birds up to 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) away.
The study sheds light on the acute flight response triggered by sudden noise and light, urging the need for measures to mitigate the consequences on avian populations.
Dramatic increase in airborne birds
On New Year’s Eve, an astonishing 1,000 times more birds take to the skies near firework displays compared to regular nights, with peaks reaching 10,000 to 100,000 times the usual number. The most substantial effects are observed within the first 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) of fireworks. Still, the disturbance persists up to 6.2 miles (10 kilometers), with at least ten times more birds flying than usual.


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