Bird Researchers in Maui Save Endangered Species From Fire


The island of Maui has been devastated by wildfires that began on Tuesday, August 8.
The Maui Bird Conservation Center was among structures that have been threatened by flames.
Staffers took matters into their own hands and brought out fire extinguishers to protect the birds.
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On August 8, when wildfires first started to spread on Maui, one structure threatened by the flames was the Maui Bird Conservation Center in Makawao.
The isolation of Hawaii means there are multiple species of birds that aren’t found anywhere else on Earth, according to the the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project’s website.
So, when fire started making its way towards the center on August 8, it could’ve meant disaster for these endangered birds and their delicate ecosystem. But, as The Washington Post reported, not all hope was lost.
Jennifer Pribble, a wildlife care supervisor who lives at the center, told the Post that she saw the smoke heading her way early on August 8 and sprang into action — and her heroism was caught on camera.
Security footage from the center shared by Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources shows two people running towards the center then dragging a hose towards the flames.
Pribble said she and her neighbor knew that the grass was extremely dry, and if the fire reached it, they’d only have minutes to save the birds. Quickly, they brought out their own fire extinguishers and began spraying, Pribble said. They also used a hose before firefighters arrived, as the footage shows.


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