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Crime & Safety New Charges For Burlington County Pair Found With Up To 100 Dead Dogs After finding up to 100 dead dogs in their home, authorities say 1 suspect posed as a rescue employee to have animals turned over to her. Replies (2)
Three people have been charged during an extensive animal-cruelty investigation in Evesham, police said. (Evesham Police Department)
EVESHAM, NJ — Two Evesham residents at the center of an extensive animal-cruelty probe received additional charges, police said Tuesday. Investigators found that Rebecca Halbach posed as an employee for a local animal rescue, with Brandon Leconey’s help, so that animals would be turned over to her.
Additionally, a woman was charged after stealing items from the pair’s home while they were incarcerated, according to the Evesham Police Department. Halbach and Leconey were charged last August after authorities said they found up to 100 dead dogs in their home on 680 E Main St. Officials also discovered a child and more than a dozen animals living in


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