Artificial insemination offers hope for endangered rays


Ocean Park Hong Kong recently announced the world’s first successful artificial insemination (AI) of a cownose ray, a viviparous species. April, an adorable female pup, breathed for the first time in April 2023 at The Grand Aquarium, where it will reside in the shark and ray pool along with its cownose ray companion.
“The success of this project is a true testament to the expertise of Ocean Park Hong Kong’s veterinary and animal husbandry teams,” said Paulo Pong, Ocean Park Corporation’s chairman. “Their unwavering commitment to conservation and advancements in marine life sciences shines through this achievement.”
“The complexity of the procedure, coupled with the advanced technicality involved in every step, further underscores the team’s technical proficiency,” Pong emphasized. “This achievement serves as a powerful example of our focus on conservation and education, inspiring us all to protect and understand our precious marine ecosystem.”


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