All skins in Apex Legends Inner Beast collection event


Apex Legends’ newest LTM features an animalistic theme, centered around the thrill of the hunt and the very core of the battle royale experience. A total of 24 items are up for grabs, including new recolors for past legend and weapon skins in the Inner Beast collection event.
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The Hunt is the newest featured LTM in Apex Legends, where teams can collect special Hunt datapads to start a minigame between them and a randomly assigned prey squad, which will be periodically pinged on the map. If the Hunters can eliminate their assigned targets, they will earn special loot and rewards. The Prey can either outlast the hunt’s timer or eliminate their Hunters to claim the rewards.
The ultimate prize for collecting all 24 items featured in the Inner Beast event shop is the Octane’s Prototype Heirloom, a recolor of the original Butterfly Knife. Additionally, the store tab will feature new limited-time offers and bundles from the Inner Beast collection and skins from past Apex events, which will rotate every four days. Once the event ends and the shop closes, Octane’s Prototype Heirloom will be moved to the Mythic Shop, where it can be purchased for the standard price of 150 Heirloom Shards.
Additionally, the Baleful Bat Vantage and Beast Hunter Bocek Compound Bow skins will be available through the Inner Beast prize tracker. Like previous collection events, players will be given event challenges that provide battle pass stars and progress towards event packs and the limited-time skins upon completion. The Inner Beast collection event and The Hunt LTM will run for two weeks from March 5 to March 19, giving players two weeks to collect their favorite skins before they disappear.
Looking for a new matching color combo for your favorite legends and weapons? We’ve got you covered. Here are all of the skins you can collect in the Inner Beast event.
All Inner Beast event skins in Apex Legends
Octane’s Prototype Heirloom
New Stim, straight from his father. Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Mad Panther Octane and Steel Talon Sentinel
Weaken your prey, then pounce on them. Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Prowler Guardian Bloodhound and Mawful C.A.R. SMG
Become the ultimate hunter. Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
The Bull Gibraltar and The Horns Prowler
If you mess with this legend… Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Wild Fox Rampart and Sky Shot Wingman
The ultimate sidearm to Shiela. Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Primal Rage Caustic and Ferocious Bite Spitfire
Unleash a rain of toxic smoke and gunfire. Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Big Bad Wolf Loba and Howling Wind R-301
All the better to eliminate enemies with. Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
Charming Chameleon Mirage
The best camouflage is another one of you! Screenshot via HYPERMIST
Roaring Rhino Newcastle
Charge into the frontline in style. Screenshot via HYPERMIST
Devastating Dragon Valkyrie
A purple dragon in the skies? Screenshot via HYPERMIST
Baleful Bat Vantage
A bright palette for a brighter sniper. Screenshot via HYPERMIST
Hive Hunter Nemesis Burst AR
A nice and slick hexagon weave. Screenshot via HYPERMIST
Poison Strike Triple Take
Strike hard, strike fast. Screenshot via HYPERMIST
Cobra Strike Peacekeeper
All it takes is one bite of the cobra. Screenshot via HYPERMIST
Beast Hunter Bocek Compound Bow


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