5 Instances Where Taylor Swift Proved Her Reputation as a Global Citizen with Her Charitable Works


These Instances Proved Taylor Swift’s Reputation as a Global Citizen
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Taylor Swift stands as a prominent figure among the most successful artists of our time. Her melodies have resonated deeply with millions across the globe, establishing her as an iconic figure. However, her rise to success wasn’t without its challenges. Swift confronted numerous hurdles in her journey to attain her current status in the music industry. Moreover, beyond her musical prowess, she has garnered acclaim for her philanthropic efforts, extending a helping hand whenever opportunities arise. Here, we highlight 5 occasions where Swift showcased her dedication as a global citizen.
1. Swift Once Contributed Her Musical Earnings to Support the Conservation of Wildlife in Africa
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Back in 2015, Swift generously contributed the earnings generated from her wildlife-themed music video, Wildest Dreams, to support the African Parks Foundation of America (APFA). This organization is committed to several key objectives, including the long-term maintenance of protected areas, combating poaching, engaging with local communities, fostering sustainable tourism, and safeguarding the diverse wildlife across Africa. The music video itself features captivating scenes of lions, elephants, giraffes, and Taylor Swift herself, melodiously expressing the struggles of unfulfilled love. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the video’s release coincided with a period shortly after the tragic killing of the renowned lion Cecil by a hunter.
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2. She Used Her Influence and Platform to Champion the Cause of Raising Awareness About Sexual Assault
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Swift once took the stand in a legal battle against a former DJ whom she accused of groping her. Mueller, the DJ, sued her for defamation, prompting Swift to countersue in response. Throughout the trial’s duration, Swift’s impactful testimony as a high-profile celebrity speaking out about her alleged sexual assault sent a powerful message of bravery and resilience to her admirers. Eventually, Swift received validation in court when the jury concluded that Mueller had indeed groped her. Her intent was for her actions to serve as an example for other women confronting the harrowing issue of sexual assault. Later on, as reported by Global Citizen, she pledged to donate to organizations aiding those affected by this issue as part of her commitment to support survivors.
3. She Thought About Pursuing a Different Profession to Emphasize the Significance of Literacy
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During her bustling tour promoting her album, the megastar took a moment to impart her enthusiasm for reading and writing to a group of New York City public school children. Beyond her music career, Swift holds a lifelong passion for books and writing, especially the craft of songwriting. Collaborating with Scholastic, she aimed to underscore the imperative for enhanced literacy among children worldwide. Moreover, Swift revealed her plan to contribute the earnings from one of her songs to support New York City Public Schools, proof of her unwavering commitment to education and literacy.
4. Michelle Obama Stepped Onto the Stage to Commend Swift’s Charity Endeavors
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Michelle Obama once made a memorable appearance at the Kids’ Choice Awards to laud Taylor Swift’s charitable endeavors. This award specifically acknowledges individuals whose charitable initiatives have left a significant impact, inspiring children to engage in similar acts of kindness. Michelle emphasized that Swift’s ability to create positive impacts would continue to resonate in the years ahead. At the time of the event, Swift, merely 22 years old, shared the stage with the then-First Lady, boasting an impressive track record of charitable and advocacy work alongside her remarkable commercial success. As per People reports Swift’s charitable activities included aiding survivors of U.S. tornadoes and floods, volunteering for organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and more.
5. She Bottled Tap Water From Her Residence to Champion the Cause of Worldwide Access to Clean Water
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Once, enthusiasts eagerly got the opportunity to win bottles of water sourced from Swift’s home, alongside various other celebrities, through a UNICEF program known as the Tap Project. The initiative aimed to generate funds for enhancing access to clean tap water for the millions of individuals deprived of this necessity. Swift’s involvement in the Tap Project attracted substantial contributions, providing fortunate contributors. Additionally, other prominent figures like Rihanna and the late Robin Williams participated in this noble initiative as well.
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