25 CA Stories From 2023 That Will Make You Smile


Community Corner 25 CA Stories From 2023 That Will Make You Smile Californians have rescued animals, saved lives, won awards, and more. Patch has curated some of this year’s positive and uplifting stories.
Patch has curated some of this year’s most positive and uplifting stories. (Photo credits: Arielle Bader/Girl Scouts San Diego, Rachel Barnes/Patch, Alameda Police Department and Romal Mitr.)
CALIFORNIA — The news isn’t always bad — far from it. Across the Golden State, residents set records, saved lives, won medals, inspired change and taught us how to make the world a better place in 2023.
As we look back on 2023, here are some of the stories that made us smile. 1. Good Samaritan Stops Runaway Stroller Rolling Into Busy Traffic
An Inland Empire man, who spent eight years living on the streets, was in the right place at the right time and was caught on camera stopping a tragedy before it happened. 2. San Diego Girl Scout Earns Rare Medal Of Honor After Saving Dad’s Life
Amelia Umstadter is only the fourth Girl Scout from San Diego and Imperial counties to earn this honor in the last decade. 3. $1.77 Billion Winning Powerball Ticket Sold In CA
Lottery officials said one ticket matching all five white numbers plus the red Powerball was purchased in California to win $1.765 billion. 4. Historic CA Drought Finally Ends
California’s most extreme drought in the last 126 years has come to an end.
5. Engagement Ring Flushed Down Toilet Found Over A Year Later In CA The ring was first reported missing in March 2022, when a California man’s soon-to-be stepson accidentally flushed the ring down the toilet. 6. Hero Fire Battalion Chief Treats Unconscious Woman On Flight To LAX A woman lost consciousness falling into the isle of the plane, and a Glendale Fire Department paramedic answered the crew’s call for help.
Caruso is headed to Virginia Beach over a two-month-long journey he has planned for two years. 18. Queer Prom Returns To West Hollywood For Pride Month Queer Prom offers LGBTQ+ adults a chance to let loose and celebrate in a way they might not have been able to during their actual proms. 19. ‘When You’re With Swifties It’s A Safe Space’ Fans Celebrate Eras Tour Over 100 Taylor Swift fans gathered at Santa Monica Beach to celebrate her record-breaking Los Angeles tour dates.
After trying everything to get Bella the 9-year-old chihuahua back, the dog and her owners were finally reunited. 23. Baby’s Life Saved By Alameda Police Officer Officer Sergio Ortega was awarded a Commander’s Commendation for his heroic actions. 24. Dublin Student Named Global Child Prodigy, National Merit Scholar Romal Mitr was named a Global Child Prodigy in recognition of her many environmental education initiatives.
25. Ukrainian Refugee Family Gifted With Furnished Danville Home
The Danville/Alamo chapter of Grateful Gatherings unveiled a furnished home to a Ukrainian family that fled the country in 2022.



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