2 North Carolina zoos hit the market at once


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
Two of North Carolina’s most beloved animal attractions, Zootastic and Aloha Safari Park, are up for grabs, offering a rare opportunity for investors to enter the wildlife tourism industry.
Zootastic, dubbed the largest privately owned and operated zoo in the state, boasts a staggering $16 million price tag.
Meanwhile, Aloha Safari Park, renowned for its hands-on experiences, is being offered for approximately $4.5 million.
The potential sale of these iconic zoos has stunned locals, as the facilities represent not just businesses, but cherished institutions deeply embedded in the hearts of North Carolinians.
6 Zootastic is situated on 186 acres.
Nestled near Charlotte, Zootastic has a plethora of revenue streams, including exotic animal interactions and private encounters, field trips and even a holiday-lights drive-thru, according to the listing.
Situated on 186 acres, the zoo also features a carousel and train ride.
The $16 million deal includes the property, business operations, inventory and, of course, the beloved animal residents.
6 Zootastic offers several revenue streams. Zootastic
Prospective buyers must demonstrate their qualifications to handle exotic animals, ensuring compliance with federal regulations.
Aloha Safari Park
6 Aloha Safari Park sits on 66 acres. Aloha Safari Park
6 A giraffe seen at Aloha Safari Park Aloha Safari Park
Situated close to Fayetteville, Aloha Safari Park stands out with its interactive experiences, 300 species and reputation as the most hands-on zoo in the US.
For around $4.5 million, the sale includes everything from real estate to animals.
As with Zootastic, potential buyers must prove their ability to meet federal licensing standards for working with exotic animals.
6 A pond where animals come to drink at Aloha Safari Park
The park prides itself on its hands-on safari encounters in a climate-controlled setting, featuring animals like monkeys, sloths, lemurs, kangaroos and kinkajous.
Situated on 66 acres, the park recently added a 2-mile drive-thru safari where guests can feed the animals and interact with them.
6 A tiger seen at Aloha Safari Park Aloha Safari Park
Scottie Brown, who owns both parks, seeks to pass on his legacy to passionate new stewards.
Having fulfilled his childhood dream of operating zoos, Brown now aims to mentor the next generation of zookeepers while ensuring the continued success of these beloved institutions.
For animal lovers and investors alike, these sales present a rare chance to own a piece of North Carolina’s wildlife heritage while contributing to the conservation and education efforts championed by Zootastic and Aloha Safari Park.


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