10 Outrageous Far Side Comics Featuring Anthropomorphized Animals


Summary The Far Side stands out from other comics by featuring anthropomorphized animals in unexpected and ridiculous situations.
The comic strips use familiar animals in mundane settings to add humor and showcase Gary Larson’s outrageous style.
The strips cleverly twist everyday scenarios, like a slug running through a house with salt or a porcupine receiving a balloon as a gift, to make them truly ridiculous.
From bears to cows to insects, The Far Side frequently featured animals in situations that were wholly unexpected. Showing animals in human-like, anthropomorphized scenarios was something The Far Side did best. Likewise, The Far Side strips that had anthropomorphized animals in kooky circumstances set the comic apart from others like Peanuts or Beetle Bailey, which had more straightforward, down-to-Earth humor and storylines.
Placing animals that everyone knows and loves in unremarkable settings, like on a date or opening presents on Christmas morning, adds a level of ridiculousness to the strip. They also provide cartoonist Gary Larson with an opportunity to demonstrate his trademark outrageous humor. Here are the best examples of The Far Side making use of anthropomorphized animals.
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