10 Funniest Far Side Comics With Talking Animals


Summary Animals in The Far Side comic strip engage in hilarious and surreal situations, such as giraffes getting stuck in gopher holes.
The strip turns drinking contests on its head, with camels competing to see how long they can go without water instead of alcohol.
The Far Side takes well-known stories, like the Three Little Pigs, and transforms them into funny scenarios, like a heavy-breathing wolf huffing and puffing on the phone.
Talking animals are a sight too fun to pass up, as cartoonist Gary Larson proved plenty of times throughout the run of his comic strip, The Far Side. Whether it’s in an animated movie or in an absurd comic strip, animals talking can always be interesting. But The Far Side’s surreal tone makes the idea talking animal situations even more hilarious.
In the various scenarios of the strip, the animals may be talking in anthropomorphized scenes where they’ve taken the form of party guests with some unique tastes. Or they could be in their typical settings, like the African savanna, but made funny through Larson’s distinct spin on reality. When looking at The Far Side, there’s a guaranteed laugh somewhere, and nowhere is that more clear than in Larson’s strips featuring animals.
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